As intrepid explorers, we navigate the isolated island. Our lips blister in the sun and our eyes are stung by the sand as it’s whipped into a haze by the strong coastal wind. We only have a few days here so we need to get around as quickly as we can. The tarmacked roads and … More (Fuert)adventure


The sun is rising, but is it? From black to white the day gets brighter, but there is no colour on the horizon or in the sky. Only shades. I have driven to the beach to see the seaside, but I can’t. Not a great start. I set off along the seawall and squint at … More Monotone

Wild west

We hand over the cash and agree to meet back here in one hour, before too many people start to turn up. We don’t want to be hungry later, so we set off for some food and some shelter. We hide in the shadows and peer around as people walk past. After about 50 minutes … More Wild west

Wat-er view

With sore eyes and a rumble in our stomachs, we stop at our Inn. Power nap. Now fully rested we head back out in our rented Chevy, buy some food, and continue to Antelope Canyon: the famously fluid sandstone crafted by years of flash floods. We have pre-booked a tour, but throughout the day, dark … More Wat-er view

The hummingbird

Bugger! My 35mm lens is too wide for the distance I need to capture this airborne mass of sugar and energy in front of me. I crouch. Slowly. Raise the camera to my eye and move forward in gradual, squat-like steps, doing my best not to make any unnecessary movements… The happy dictation of the … More The hummingbird