To be happy | Go outside

These posts are short; they’re all about the inspiration. (Who am I kidding, most of my posts are short…)

The project: My happiness

I’ve experienced a lot of personal trauma over the last few years, and it has left me in a place where I am questioning a lot of what I previously took for granted, and one of the questions I have been asking myself is about my happiness. I have done a lot of reading and reflection on this topic, and My happiness is my take on what I have found. You can search online for lots of information around happiness and the topics of this post (and my others), so what I want to show here is what the topic means to me, and where I originally read about it.

The topic: Go outside

The inspiration for Go outside came from Matt Haig’s brilliant Reasons to stay alive. Much of Matt Haig’s book resonated with me, but this particular point really sunk in.

When I first think about being outside, I think about being away on holiday, exploring exotic locations: being awe struck by the endless expanse of a forest canopy, or the golden and red light of a sun setting over the yellow sands of an infinite desert; basically, being as far away from where I live as possible. I realised though, that it isn’t about experiencing all the big moments sold to us on travel shows and documentaries, and reliving holidays. By focusing on this I miss out on all the wonderful moments that I live through every day.

For me, being outside is now the breeze that invigorates me as I cycle from the train station after work; the dappled light as it capers through the leaves while I walk my dog; the rain that kisses my face, and takes my focus away from what’s bothering me. Being outside opens my world and makes my problems seem less problematic, makes my concerns less concerning, and my days a bit happier.


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