The UK has a desert?!

For the first time in a while we find ourselves in the fields and towns of East Sussex. Our holidays are normally further away from home, but this time we want to embark on a countryside break, to relax and unwind. Our hotel is dark, warm, and inviting. Reds and browns are rich in the light of the day, and glimmer in candle light at night. Our breakfasts are well fried, our café lunches are stuffed with cake and coffee, and our dinners come with local ales.

Sheep and horses guard the towns as we drive along the small roads, over narrow bridges, and under old stone arches and towering trees. We stop frequently to explore. The sun peeps through the clouds and rain, and shines depth over the landscape when we hike along the coast. The wind pushes our hoods off our heads and cries in our ears stories of its travels across the English Channel.

Along the coast is a small town. From fields to coast-land we transition into the UK’s only desert.1 A small unassuming road traces our journey to the old lighthouse and two nuclear power stations. Nestled up against these nuclear power stations is a nature reserve. The perfect juxtaposition to explore.


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