Searching for Spring

I would like to submit my photos for competitions (don’t laugh). I like my photos. I don’t know if anyone else does though, but that is not why I want to enter competitions (not yet anyway). I want to work on projects, not just one-off shoots. I want to work to a defined goal set by someone else, something that I have to complete and not deviate on halfway through and start something else. I want something that forces me to focus. I can be quite excitable, and while I think this is good in that I work quite flexibly, and react to changing situations, it sometimes means I do not always follow through on what I started. Not anymore!

A short internet search brings up a selection of small competitions that I feel I can work towards. The first that grabs me is a competition that asks for images that show the beginning of Spring. Great! I can do that. Off to the woods. No luck. I can’t break through the cluttered trees to create an ordered composition. Not to worry, at my next opportunity I will try again.

Ah! A free morning. Off to my local nature reserve. Much better this time. The warm morning light helps to lift the colours of my compositions and the yellows in the Gorse flowers. I like them, but I don’t think they are quite up to scratch. I come back as the sun starts to set, walk around to the beach and follow some Geese as they drift along in the pink evening light: better, but still not really what I am looking for.

A few more attempts and my first photo project is not going as well as I’d hoped. I know from experience that creating images to be proud of is not a quick business though: I am still in the game. I am on my lunch break at work and wondering around St James’s Park, listening to a Podcast and enjoying the sun. Then, amid the witterings of cinema, Spring unfolds in front of me like an eiderdown-quilt of yellows, greens, and contrasting browns and reds. My camera is at home. My phone is not though. A few moments later and I have the image in my pocket and the resolve to carry my camera with me, even while I am at work.

Regardless of my standing in the competition, I have marked this up as a personal success.


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