As intrepid explorers, we navigate the isolated island. Our lips blister in the sun and our eyes are stung by the sand as it’s whipped into a haze by the strong coastal wind. We only have a few days here so we need to get around as quickly as we can. The tarmacked roads and our little Fiat 500 make it easy to traverse the touristy island of Fuerteventura.

We love road trips, whether two weeks or two days, the freedom of hiring a car allows us to build our own timetable, visit our own places, and change our plan at a moment’s notice. We have learnt to buy our insurances before our trip, and refuse almost everything offered at the rental desk when we pick up our car – the cost can rise quickly otherwise. I do try to be chatty when we arrive at the car hire desk (I like to try and speak the local language), but there is only so far that “no gracias” will get you.

The landscape changes quickly as we drive around the island: sand dunes, mountains, and small towns are dotted about like silos on flat farmland, each one fighting for our attention. Each one deserving our attention. So, at each one, we stop.


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